Diagnodent Pen

Diagnodent Detects Tooth Decay Before It’s Visible

Visual examinations and x-rays can help us find decay on the surfaces of your teeth, but sometimes these methods are less effective at discovering decay inside a tooth. That’s why Dr. Clothier uses the Diagnodent Pen during your appointment.

Diagnodent Uses Laser Scanning To Protect You From Tooth Decay

Diagnodent is small and portable, and it uses a safe laser scanning system to measure fluorescence inside each tooth’s structure. Healthy teeth have little or no fluorescence whereas teeth with decay have higher levels of fluorescence. Diagnodent allows us to spot dangerous areas before they’re visible to the naked eye. This highly advanced dental technology is non-invasive and painless.

Stopping Your Tooth Decay In Its Tracks At Smile Solutions

A tooth that has a visible cavity, or one that is causing discomfort, may have a larger amount of decay that needs to be removed. Some cavities never even show on the surface of your tooth. Diagnodent helps us catch decay in its earliest stages (even when hidden) before it leads to further damage. 

Here at Smile Solutions, we’re excited to have this technology in our office. Early cavity detection means we can better protect your teeth. If you have any questions about Diagnodent, don’t hesitate to ask. Bring it up on your next visit or call us at (620) 231-4140.