Interceptive Orthodontics For Children

What Is Interceptive Orthodontics?

Interceptive orthodontics, also called Phase 1 orthodontics, is orthodontic treatment for children starting around age 7. It can reduce the need for tooth extraction and jaw surgery, correct certain problems as they appear, encourage better facial development, shorten the length of orthodontic treatment needed later on, and leave patients with a better overall result in the end.

What Is The Difference Between Interceptive And Traditional Orthodontics?

In traditional orthodontic treatment, the patient only begins treatment after most or all of their adult teeth have grown in. However, certain issues with the bite, dental alignment, and facial development can start to appear long before the last few adult teeth show up. This is where interceptive orthodontics can make a big difference, by correcting these problems early on — which also makes future orthodontic treatment (or Phase 2) much faster and easier, and sometimes it is no longer necessary!

How Can You Tell If Your Child Is A Candidate?

Not all orthodontic issues can be solved with interceptive orthodontics. It is very important to have a consultation with Dr. Clothier so he may determine whether your child is a candidate. The ideal time to start interceptive orthodontics is before the age of nine. If you’d like to learn more about interceptive orthodontics, just give us a call at (620)231-4140